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NOTICE: We are currently restructuring the Washington State LASER website.  Some resources may be unavailable during this time.  If you have an immediate need for previously available resources, please contact Tana Peterman at  For more information on these changes, please read our FAQ.

Washington State LASER is committed to supporting high-quality STEM education for every student in our state. See below for information about project based learning and inquiry-based instructional materials in use all across Washington.


STEM Notebooks

STEM notebooks contain information about the students’ classroom experiences. Students are encouraged to use them as scientists and engineers would, before, during, and after all investigations. A STEM notebook can provide students who are uncomfortable with writing a safe place to practice and develop their skills and see that writing is used in all STEM fields. Learn More

Environmental & Sustainability Enhanced Lessons

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and Washington State LASER received a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to upgrade three commonly used elementary science instructional materials with environmental and sustainability concepts. In addition, the upgraded lessons incorporate Native American stories related to science and sustainability. Learn More