Environmental & Sustainability Enhanced Lessons

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction and Washington State LASER received a grant from the Environmental Protection Agency to upgrade three commonly used elementary science instructional materials with environmental and sustainability concepts. In addition, the upgraded lessons incorporate Native American stories related to science and sustainability.

Each upgrade was done by expert professional development providers and vetted by other providers and teachers.

Contact your regional Washington State LASER Alliance Director to find out about upcoming professional development activities.

Native American Story Connections ("how to" guide, recorded stories)

Native American Stories Relevant to Enhanced Lessons

Native American Stories (audio files in mp3 format) (Tribe/Location Time)

Blue-Jay and Bear (Chehalis, Western WA) 5.32 mins

Beaver and Mouse (Tulalip, Western WA) 3.38 mins

Changer and Dog Salmon (All tribes, Western WA) 2.27 mins

The Coming of Slahal (All tribes, Western WA) 6.01mins

Coyote and Bear (All tribes, Eastern WA) 2.33 mins

Father Ocean (All tribes, Western WA) 1.17 mins

The Gossiping Clam (Puget Sound, Western WA) 3.28 mins

i-i-esh (Yakima, Eastern WA) 7.15 mins

The Huckleberry Medicine (Puget Sound, Western WA) 3.00 mins

Columbia River Story (All tribes, Eastern WA) 7.48 mins

Coyote’s Deal with the Wind (Spokane. Eastern WA) 1.52 mins

How Fire Came to Earth (All tribes, Eastern WA) 5.11 mins

Roger Fernandes Story Video – The video below provides an overview of Native American perspective on stories and their role in Native American culture.